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Ciellos: An AIM Modernization Center

Move Your Customers to the Cloud with Confidence and Unlock AI-powered Capabilities in Microsoft Dynamics 365

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Microsoft AIM Program Overview 

What is AIM?

AIM (Accelerate, Innovate, Move) is a Microsoft program designed to help businesses transition from their on-premises solutions to Dynamics 365 with confidence. The first step is typically an AIM Assessment, which provides end customers with a clear understanding of their cloud migration path, including cost and timing. Microsoft has provided several proven tools and methodologies to enable structured and efficient migrations, while also certifying AIM Modernization Centers, such as Ciellos, to support partners of record throughout the process.

Why did Microsoft create the AIM program?

Microsoft created the AIM program to help end customers migrate to the cloud quickly and efficiently, so they can take full advantage of Microsoft’s market-leading cloud offerings, including the rapidly expanding AI-powered capabilities called Copilot.

Why should you leverage the AIM migration program?

Microsoft Partners can gain access to valuable cloud migration tools, support and expertise from Microsoft by leveraging the AIM program. This translates into compelling recommendations for your end customers while helping you build and extend your migration capabilities.

What is an AIM Modernization Center and why should you work with Ciellos?

AIM Modernization Centers, such as Ciellos, are Microsoft-certified cloud migration experts with a track record of success. Microsoft recognizes that many System Integrators (SIs) are still building their own migration expertise and would benefit from greater access to hands-on support and coaching. Ciellos will stand behind the partner of record (POR) to provide a range of migration services, including AIM Assessments, while ensuring the POR is always in control of the end customer relationship.

Get Started 

Ciellos is a trusted Microsoft AIM Modernization Center, providing expert-level migration services to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and Finance & Supply Chain Management from any Microsoft ERP. We work in harmony with SIs, complementing their customer knowledge with our migration expertise. Our hands-on approach builds trust and delivers precise recommendations.
As dedicated partners, our goal is to help SIs establish a successful migration program, beyond one-off assessments. While our support typically starts with an AIM Assessment, the Ciellos model goes well beyond standard, automated assessments to provide the long-term coaching relationship SIs need to transform their practices and migrate a large number of companies in their installed base.
Ciellos is a high-touch, relationship-based AIM Modernization Center, that provides: 
  • Expert Migration Advisory Support: Post-assessment debrief planning and monthly cadence.
  • Experienced Solution Architects: Leading evaluations with proven methods and efficient tools.
  • Capability Building: Coaching and guiding your team.
  • Programmatic Approach: Supporting your entire migration portfolio with deep on-premises solution knowledge.

Ciellos's Proven Migration Methodology

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Partner with Ciellos 

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Backed by 25 years of industry experience, our global team is able to work alongside partners to deliver predictable, cost-effective Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions.  With only a handful of AIM Modernization Centers globally, we are a trusted extension of your team for your end customers, enabling you to offer unparalleled advantages in migration projects, ensuring successful transformations.


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Let's Talk About AIM 

Thank you for your interest! A member of our team will be in touch within 24 hours to tell you more.

"I like the methodology Ciellos uses, with a very professional management and technical team and very strong knowledge of the application and best practices. Ciellos is the partner we all would like to have for migration."

- Daniel Vasquez, Director of IT
ALUF Plastics

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