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For nearly 25 years, Sylogist has been committed to market leading innovation that thousands of nonprofits, international NGOs, local government, and K-12 school district customers rely on. Sylogist Software develops and delivers comprehensive, mission-critical Cloud ERP solutions for public service organizations and also developed the #1 add-in payroll and human resources software for use with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.​

Ciellos and Sylogist together invested in detailed training for their technical resource pool. The benefits realized by Sylogist include higher revenue, higher customer satisfaction, scalability, quicker time to market and responsive support. Sylogist also noted: “we could not be happier with the level of knowledge within the Ciellos team and the manner in which they engage and collaborate with us.” ​

"I have no doubt that partnering with Ciellos was a solid business decision as we were able to lean into them for assistance across so many different areas, whether it was coding, deployment process, licensing, or data migration!" - Donna Smiley, CCO, Sylogist​

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