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Microsoft requires partners to keep up with its fast-changing developments on short notice across a broad spectrum of programs, systems, agreements, and teams. enVista knew they were missing incentive opportunities, but they didn’t know what else they might be missing out on.

Around the same time Microsoft began revamping its Cloud Partner Program, enVista's primary Microsoft partnership administrator moved to a new opportunity. enVista could have hired an administrative specialist to manage the partnership, but on top of the time, cost, and training required, that person would not likely be well versed in the ins-and-outs of Microsoft’s partner program or internal structure.

enVista specifically needed a business partner with the ability to home in on earnings growth and business development opportunities, while keeping up with the day-to-day blocking and tackling of being a Microsoft partner.

Backed by a team of consultants with deep Microsoft experience, Ciellos was able to hit the ground running with the Ciellos Microsoft Partner Accelerator Program (MPAP).


Ciellos worked with enVista and focused on the following main pain points:

  • Improving incentive claim success rate

  • Attaining additional benefits and growing into the Microsoft AI Cloud Partner Program

  • Creating, reviewing, improving & refreshing AppSource listings

  • Enrolling in new business programs and partnership opportunities like the Accelerate, Innovate, Move (AIM) Partner Program

  • Building bridges with key people at Microsoft

With almost no onboarding required the Ciellos team was able to dive right in.


Ciellos began by reviewing all recently denied incentive claims and identifying the patterns driving claim rejection. Ciellos then resubmitted those claims and a set of new claims with a revised approach to positioning proof of execution and customer acknowledgement.


Ciellos also rewrote enVista’s SOW and contracting templates to translate to Microsoft’s claim review processes more easily. This templated approach bakes Microsoft’s incentive claim demands into enVista’s contracting and work order processes to reduce friction and improve the claim success rate. Now, winning incentive claims is as easy as completing the contract and executing the claim via enVista’s assigned Ciellos Program Manager.


Finally, Ciellos has enrolled enVista in Microsoft’s Partner Support Incentive Campaign. The PSIR aims to reduce demand on partner support channels by identifying recurring patterns and implementing processes to pre-empt them while offering partners an additional incentive earning opportunity.

Immediately after signing up to the platinum subscription of the Ciellos Microsoft Partner Accelerator Program, enVista was able to win back over $650,000 of previously denied incentive claims. Thanks to Ciellos, enVista earned more in Microsoft incentives during Q1 FY24 than they did in all of FY23.

With the newly rewritten SOW and contract templates ensuring a smoother incentive claims process in the future, Ciellos is now turning its attention to improving the co-sell readiness and incentive eligibility of enVista’s core suite of service offerings to create a new slate of additional incentive opportunities, while helping them shepherd Microsoft customers to the cloud via the AIM Partner Program.

“The Ciellos Microsoft Partner Accelerator Program (MPAP) is the best money we have ever spent!” - Gene Bornac, SVP Microsoft Retail Services, enVista

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