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commercebuild, an eCommerce ISV, wanted to expand their existing footprint in the ERP space, target a new customer base and give their existing customers a choice of platform. After extensive research into different ERP platforms, commercebuild selected Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central for their new extension. ​

As a part of the Microsoft Activation and Migration Program, commercebuild enlisted the assistance of Ciellos as their Partner and Coach within the program.  This decision was based on the deep Microsoft partnership and quality of work provided by Ciellos, as well as their positioning as a leading Microsoft ISV Development Center. ​

Ciellos provided intricately performed workshops, deep dives into Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central architecture, along with guidance on Microsoft best practices. This successful commercebuild D365 Business Central publication into the Microsoft AppSource has allowed commercebuild the ability to increase D365 Business Central users' sales and revenue by 20-30% with their new turnkey integrated eCommerce Portal and eCommerce Platform. ​

“With the help of Ciellos and the amazing Microsoft Team, we are excited to officially be in AppSource. Ciellos was truly there for us to help make the Microsoft Activation Program a huge success.” – Jay Newman, CEO, commercebuild

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