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For over 20 years, Access IT has successfully provided a vertical-specific version of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (formerly NAV), publicly-branded as contractERP, to companies within the commercial construction, equipment supply and install industries.   As a traditional direct selling embed partner during these last 20 years, the Access IT solution’s specific code was tightly woven into the CAL code of the base Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central solution.  

As Access IT continued to grow its business, they stayed close to Microsoft’s progress of lifting custom development from this traditional embed model to the Extension (AL) code model.  Access IT understood the complexity and investment this would take to bring its code set to this new environment and defined a multi-year project to begin the process of migration.

After successfully converting most of the code set from CAL to AL (Extension-based), the Access IT team was beginning to run into development challenges that were beyond answers they could get direct from Microsoft. Add to that, the second technical challenge of deploying within the cloud version and becoming a Direct CSP Partner.     

Bill Natalie (General Manager of Access IT) ultimately connected with a previous Microsoft colleague, Kurt Juvyns, who introduced Bill to a specific program Microsoft created to help companies like Access IT aggressively make the final push to the cloud environment.  It was the catalyst Access IT needed to dramatically accelerate this process down to months from potentially another year.

Bill and the Access IT team were asked to select from a list of “coaching” companies hand-picked by Microsoft to mentor our firm through this final push to the Direct CSP Cloud environment.  After a careful interview process, Access IT chose Ciellos as this coaching partner. 

“The team at Ciellos were incredibly nimble, allowing the Access IT team to pinpoint the exact areas we needed guidance.  The Ciellos Team provided us the inside information both technically and from the commercial side of the process that we could just not get through the Microsoft channel at large, again significantly accelerating our process” stated Bill Natalie.   “We (Access IT) made a commitment to not only complete this lift to CSP as quickly as possible, but to immediately begin selling it under CSP subscription the first opportunity we were able.  We are beyond happy to report BOTH tasks were completed with the collaborative efforts of the Access IT & Ciellos teams”.  We achieved full embed CSP Direct status and exceeded the sales target within months of starting this business arrangement.

This program was a success!  Access IT and its vertical specific Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central solution – contractERP is now locked in for continued growth and expansion and would highly recommend this program to other resellers of similar type.

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