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Ciellos: AL-Go Accelerator

Arming ISVs with AL-Go Best Practices

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At Ciellos, we help ISVs who want to leverage and adopt AL-Go best practices. We work with Developers, Engineers, and Product Managers who aim to automate repetitive tasks and increase workforce efficiency. Additionally, CTOs seeking to reduce product maintenance costs will find significant value in our set up and support services. 

AL-Go Environment Assessment and Setup

The AL-Go environment assessment and setup with Ciellos is a comprehensive service that includes the analysis, design, and build of DevOps process automation for ISVs via AL-Go. This project is delivered by our team of experts over 4 weeks and enables you to set up and maintain professional DevOps processes efficiently.

What is included?

  • Code Repository Assessment: Evaluate and create a test GitHub code repository using the AL-Go template (5 Applications).

  • DevOps and Lead Developer Collaboration: Activities designed to streamline communication and efficiency.

  • AL-Go Verification Pipeline: Configure pipelines for major and minor releases.

  • CI/CD Pipeline Setup: Establish continuous integration and delivery pipelines while maintaining AppSource standards.

  • Test Project Demonstration: Showcase the test GitHub project.

  • Production Configuration Replication: Replicate all configurations from the test project to the production GitHub project.

  • Quick Guides for Developers: Create guides on using GitHub effectively.

  • Go-Live Promotion: Promote your project to production.

  • Automated Code Certificate Signing: Automate the signing of code certificates to ensure security and compliance.

Program Requirements 

Certificate must be in Azure Key Vault for Automated Code Certificate Signing

Up to 5 applications and 5 localizations

Customer should provide access to Azure DevOps and GitHub instances

AL-Go template will be used as a platform

It will be necessary to use GitHub for the code repository

Pipelines will be executed on internal GitHub runners with a limit of 1000 minutes. Please find more details here. 

Program Exclusions


Initial cost for GitHub runners and any GitHub licenses 

Deployment and AppSource publication pipelines 

Developing new unit tests. Customer will assume all necessary updated AppSource materials and functional regression tests

AL-Go Environment Support 

After the assessment and set up, we don't just walk away. Ciellos also offers an AL-Go Environment Ongoing Support Package that provides continuous maintenance of your code repositories in AL-Go over the next 12 months, ensuring your DevOps processes remain efficient and up-to-date. Developers, Engineers, and Product Managers, as well as CTOs, will find this service valuable for automating tasks and leveraging expert support to reduce maintenance costs.

What is included?

  • AL-Go Pipeline Configuration: Ensure your pipelines are set up and maintained correctly.

  • Issue Fixes: Address and resolve any issues that arise in your DevOps processes.

  • Updating Developer License: Keep your developer licenses up-to-date.

  • Update SAS Token: Manage SAS tokens for minor and major releases to ensure secure and seamless operations.

Solution Architects

System Engineers

Project Managers

12 Month Support Subscription 

with Dedicated Support From:

Top Three Reasons Why ISVs Benefit From Dedicated Support:

Leverage Expertise: Outsource to trusted Ciellos experts to minimize risk and ensure reliable maintenance 


Enhanced Productivity: Automate repetitive tasks and free up your team to focus on strategic initiatives.


Cost Efficiency: Reduce development costs and improve your bottom line with streamlined processes.




Ready to transform your DevOps processes
and enhance your efficiency? 

Thank you for your interest! A member of our team will be in touch within 24 hours to tell you more.

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