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Microsoft Dynamics 365 
FY24 Review

A curated summary of recent Microsoft Dynamics 365 announcements, product updates and news about strategic programs.

Key Highlights

As we approach the close of Microsoft's fiscal year on June 30, we're thrilled to share updates and highlights from FY24. From exciting product announcements to key events that shaped the ecosystem, this round-up summarizes key takeaways from Microsoft Dynamics 365 events.

Copilot for Dynamics 365 - This year Microsoft's primary focus at events and in the news has been the rapid expansion of embedded Copilot capabilities that automate labor-intensive tasks such as bank reconciliation and work order summaries. The recommendation we continue to hear from Microsoft leaders is to try Copilot for yourself, through Teams call summaries, embedded Business Central features or building your own copilot with Copilot Studio. These rapidly expanding AI capabilities are exciting on their own but, importantly, also serve as a compelling reason for end customers to migrate to the cloud.  

Learn about Copilot in Business Central here. 

Learn about Microsoft Copilot Studio here.

Business Central and Field Service integration – In yet another exciting update, Microsoft announced the general availability of the native integration between Dynamics 365 Field Service and Business Central. This brings much tighter financial and operational links for companies with front line workers who are scheduled/dispatched and need robust mobile capabilities, providing an even more compelling set of offerings in the market. 

Learn more at this blog: Seamless integration, seamless operations: Introducing native integration between Dynamics 365 Field Service and Business Central.

Reskill Program – With the incredible growth rate of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central specifically and Dynamics overall, Microsoft continues to highlight its efforts to grow and nurture the BC Talent base. The Reskill Program (Dynamics 365 Partner Hubwas spotlighted in both the general session as well as in dedicated sessions. If you are considering the program, we would be happy to share our experiences with you. 

Watch the video featuring Ciellos here!

Concierge Program – Concierge is a Microsoft-funded program that provides technical expertise to partners and end customers evaluating the migration to Business Central. At Directions NA in April, Microsoft increased awareness of the program and announced the expansion of end customer eligibility, lowering the annual license threshold from ~$100K to ~$50K.  

View the Dynamics 365 Business Central Concierge Nomination Form here.

MB-820 – Microsoft announced that the Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC Developer Associated Certification exam is now live. The availability of this certification marks a significant advancement as companies can now certify their development teams.

For further details, refer to Microsoft Learn: Microsoft Certified: Dynamics 365 Business Central Developer Associate.

AIM (Accelerate, Innovate, Move) Program – The AIM Program was launched mid-2023 to provide methodologies, tools and incentives to enable and encourage cloud migrations. AIM was a major focus for Microsoft at Directions EMEA in November 2023 and the theme was carried through to Directions NA where Mike Morton encouraged partners to make use of AIM.  

Mark your calendars for these upcoming events where you can catch up with Ciellos and learn more about the latest from Microsoft.  


For more details, visit the event links:

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Directions NA Conference 2024 Seminar
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