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ETI Software Solutions and Ciellos – Leveraging the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Platform for Rapid Growth

In today’s information economy, reliable access to broadband is critical for people living in urban, suburban and rural environments alike. This need was accelerated by the COVID pandemic and corresponding shift towards hybrid and remote work models. ETI Software Solutions had the foresight to develop powerful, user-friendly software to help Digitial Service Providers (DSPs) rapidly build out their networks while delivering high levels of customer satisfaction. 


In an informative the Broadband Bunch podcast episode, Daryn Terlesky, Chief Technology and Innovation Officer (CTIO) at Ciellos, shares his insights on ETI Software Solutions’ decision to leverage Microsoft Dynamics 365 as a platform for its Smart B/OSS (Business and Operational Support Systems) solution. Daryn also describes Ciellos’s unique partnering model that helped ETI reach its goals faster with much lower technology risk. 


The conversation explores the steps companies should take to leverage exciting Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities to accelerate decision-making and maximize return on investment. Daryn provides his perspectives on the importance of structured data, overcoming historical challenges of data hoarding, and harnessing the power of AI tools, like Microsoft Copilot for Dynamics 365.  

Learn how ETI is playing a critical role in accelerating broadband adoption in this insightful podcast featuring Daryn Terlesky, CTIO of Ciellos. Delve into the transformative power of Microsoft Dynamics 365, ETI's Smart B/OSS solution, and Microsoft Copilot as they converge to reshape the industry.   


Download the ETI Software Solutions success story and learn more about the pivotal role Ciellos played in developing ETI’s Smart B/OSS solution and how the partnership led to a dramatic uplift in ETI’s win rates.  

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See ETI’s Smart B/OSS solution in action. With a greater understanding of the system’s rich features and ease of use, you’ll see why ETI is winning more business and delivering great customer experiences. You’ll also gain appreciation for how the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform accelerated ETI’s go-to-market timeframe. 

The Importance of Service Management Platforms for DSPs 

In the rapidly evolving landscape of Digital Service Providers (DSPs), broadband connectivity has shifted from a luxury to a fundamental necessity and the role of Service Management Platforms is paramount. ETI Software Solutions recognized the challenges faced by DSPs in managing network complexity, tight delivery timelines and high customer expectations.  


ETI set a new standard with the launch of its Smart B/OSS solution, which provides the full range of capabilities needed by DSPs, ranging from financial management, to sales, service, operations, customer management, billing and invoicing. ETI was able to quickly translate its forward-looking vision into compelling products by leveraging the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform. 


Microsoft Dynamics 365: The Platform and Ecosystem for Growth 

Having a scattered technology strategy across a multitude of tools to run DSP businesses, ETI saw a chance to streamline processes from lead creation to order fulfillment. They embraced Microsoft Dynamics 365, a leader in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions that integrates financials, sales, service, and operations.  


Starting with the unified platform allowed ETI to maximize its return on investment when building the new Smart B/OSS solution. As an example, ETI could leverage Microsoft’s data models to ensure there was a single source of truth supporting a range of outcomes, from DSP operational efficiency to high quality customer self-service.  


Better, Faster Decision-Making with AI and Microsoft Copilot 

The historical fear of losing data among Chief Information Officers (CIOs) has been a prevalent concern, leading to data hoarding. With large amounts of unstructured data, many companies have struggled to make productive use of the information they hold so dear. It is a real-world catch-22. 


Advanced AI tools are driving a paradigm shift in data management. AI's rapidly evolving capabilities in structuring data allow proactive companies to make use of their large, historical data sets. Tools such as Microsoft Copilot for Dynamics 365 enable a much broader set of users to access data and insights through natural language inquiries built right into their daily work patterns (e.g., Copilot with Edge and Outlook).  


Partnering with Ciellos: Accelerating Success and Minimizing Risk 

Ciellos's role in ETI’s success story goes well beyond building and integrating great software. Given Ciellos’s technical expertise and focus on customer outcomes, ETI selected Ciellos to provide implementation services, support and ongoing optimization to the DSPs looking to quickly and successfully adopt Smart B/OSS. 


Lessons Learned 

ETI Software Solutions leapt forward with its Smart B/OSS solution, unlocking rapid growth for ETI fueled by successful implementations and satisfied customers. ETI established an ambitious product vision backed by a pragmatic technology strategy. By leveraging an integrated platform such as Microsoft Dynamics 365, ETI was able to focus its time, attention and capital on building truly differentiated capabilities. Partnering with Ciellos allowed ETI to speed up development, reduce risk and extend its customer success model. Finally, ETI and its DSP customers will reap the benefits of the investments Microsoft is making in its AI capabilities to improve decision-making and empower end users with embedded tools such as Copilot. 

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