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Ciellos is a high-value growth partner for ETI Software Solutions

With ETI’s nearly 30 years of experience building solutions for telecommunications and Digital Service Provider (DSP) customers, they truly know the industry.  When ETI began developing their new cloud native SaaS solutions, they knew they needed to be reliable, powerful and flexible while incorporating modern capabilities.  ETI’s adoption of Microsoft Dynamics 365 as its foundational platform has radically accelerated ETI’s development and Microsoft’s partner ecosystem is a key part of the company’s go-to-market strategy. ​ 


As ETI’s principal Microsoft partner, Ciellos has become a valued extension of ETI’s development, deployment and support models for the company’s billing and customer service offerings. Ciellos implemented Dynamic 365 Customer Engagement to replace ETI’s previous CRM system and has expanded ETI’s Operations Support System/Business Support System (OSS/BSS) offering with a Billing and Accounts Receivable platform based on Dynamics 365 Business Central. In addition, Ciellos provided critical training to accelerate ETI’s initiatives. ​ 


​“Ciellos’ expertise has been invaluable in integrating our Customer Care, Product Catalog, and Service Rating Engine with Dynamics 365 Business Central. I look forward to working with my partners at Ciellos for many years to come.”  

  -  Rhyan Neble, Vice President of Product Innovation, ETI​ Software Solutions 

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